Mecomar to manage waste collection services in Fes Medina and Jannan El Ward

Fez News – Mecomar has announced that it has taken over the responsibility of managing household waste collection services in the districts of Jnan El Ward and Fez Medina, replacing Ozone.

Mecomar started providing its services mid-week after winning the contract to manage this facility for three months, with a financial value of about 600 million centimetres per month.

The governor of the Fes Meknes region, Said Azniber, negotiated directly with the company to avoid interrupting the service, pending the announcement of a new public deal after the expiry of the contract to manage the collection of household waste for Ozone.
Ozone had been managing this facility in the two provinces for about 300 million centimetres per month.
The move aims to improve the quality of services provided to the residents of the two districts and ensure the cleanliness of the neighbourhoods in a sustainable manner during the transition period.

From the website: Fez News

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