Taza community distributes plastic bags for Eid, here’s what residents have to say

The Taza Community Facebook page published a number of photos of the process of distributing plastic bags to collect the remnants of the Eid al-Adha sacrifice at the headquarters of the administrative annexes on Friday, 14 June 2024, before distributing them to the residents of the six annexes of Taza city, in coordination with the local authority.

The comments on the group’s post, most of which focused on the fact that the Tazi citizen needs real development and not plastic bags, and from which we draw your attention:

Hamid Med
You have bags, we have nothing to do with them. If you don’t like it, the members of the Taza Community Council because they don’t benefit from it. The state of the city says it all

Ismail Dahine
The mother asked for an extra bag, and Khona answered her that Dakshi is accountable to the responsible authorities and that there is no wasting and playing with the state money, you knew one pride that I felt couldn’t be 🥺, I knew that the city is in safe hands 🥺.

Issâm Hmamouch
The parliamentarians and others gave them the remittance, and the people gave them a cake with the scandal.

Mohamed ML
What we have received is the same as last year

Al-Mutanabbi Al-Farzidq
The elites get the money from the estates and farms. And we are the meccas….. Wailing, wailing, wailing, and the cow is a grain, Sheikh Imam.

Al-Mutanabbi Al-Farzidq
As the saying goes, “the funeral is big and the dead are fleeing”, the citizen does not need the mekeh, as they have more important needs. As for the number of the mika, there is nothing wrong with it.

A few people praised the group’s effort and emphasised that it was a good gesture:

Mohamed Boucherrour
For the mentality of the Tazi citizen, the collective council does not say anything interesting, and they want the country to change overnight!

Kousyla Takfarinasse
I swear to God, as they did with you and sweet … Whoever doesn’t say a good word doesn’t shut up … Don’t divide these bags, you will be in the desert. All the cities distributed bags to their homes except Taza … They distributed the bags if you don’t like the situation. When they do something good, we salute them, and when they do something bad, we comment on them. Bring out your nevo for a little while, have mercy on your father. An undeveloped people …

From the website: Fez News

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