Announcement of Eid al-Adha Prayer Locations and Timings in Fes for 1445 AH

The Regional Delegation for Islamic Affairs and the Local Scientific Council in Fes have announced the timings and locations for the Eid al-Adha prayer for the year 1445 AH. The prayer is scheduled to take place at 7:00 AM on the day of Eid at several designated locations to ensure easy access and adequate space for worshippers.

The designated prayer locations in Fes include:

  1. Saadian Prayer Area, Saadian Stadium.
  2. Al-Adarisa Neighborhood Prayer Area, next to Al-Baraka Mosque.
  3. Al-Zohour Neighborhood Prayer Area, Al-Zohour Stadium.
  4. The prayer area located between the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy and Fes Shore Institution.
  5. Bab Al-Futuh Prayer Area, Al-Qiyab.
  6. Duar Abraha Prayer Area, Bab Al-Futuh Stadium.
  7. Ibn Dabab Prayer Area, Al-Musalla Neighborhood.
  8. Bensouda Prayer Area, Bensouda Neighborhood Stadium.
  9. Al-Naseem Prayer Area, Al-Naseem Neighborhood, Bensouda.
  10. Sidi Harazem Prayer Area, Sukhaynat.
  11. Awlad Al-Tayeb Prayer Area, Awlad Al-Buwari Village.

Additionally, the list of major mosques where the Eid prayer will be held includes:

  1. Ahl Allah Mosque in Al-Fath Zouwaga Al-Oulya Neighborhood.
  2. Al-Rahma Mosque in Miku Al-Marja Neighborhood.
  3. Al-Majd Mosque in Dalila Zouwaga Al-Oulya Neighborhood.
  4. Arsat Al-Zaytoun Mosque in Al-Duha Housing, Arsat Al-Zaytoun, Bensouda.
  5. Al-Mustafa Mosque in Al-Jadid Zouwaga Neighborhood.
  6. Bab Al-Andalus Mosque in Al-Murakab Al-Sakani, Bab Al-Andalus, Ain Al-Shaqaf Road.
  7. Idris I Mosque on Muhammad Al-Qasi Street, Imouzzer Road.
  8. Abdullah bin Masoud Mosque on Al-Qarawiyyin Street, Layrak Neighborhood.
  9. Al-Safa Mosque in the University District, Dahr Al-Maharaz.

We invite all citizens to adhere to the specified timings and locations to ensure an organized and safe Eid prayer. May Allah accept our good deeds and Eid Mubarak to all.

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