Al-Fatal Tigers intervenes to resolve the Morocco Fassi players’ strike and confirms its support for the basketball team

With the end of the professional league and the Throne Cup semifinals approaching, the Fattal Tigers factions have intervened in the crisis of the Morocco Fassi players’ strike, protesting their failure to receive their monthly dues.

In a statement, the faction issued a message to the players urging them to return to training as soon as possible and to focus on preparing well for the upcoming matches, especially the Throne Cup semi-final, stressing that talking about material matters should be postponed until later.

The Fatal Tigers held President Ismail Jamei responsible for any damage to the team as a result of his continued procrastination in paying the players’ dues.

In a related context, the Fatal Tigers paid a visit to the basketball training, stressing that this visit comes to confirm their support for the team, especially after the loss of the Throne Cup title, emphasizing the importance of the disciplinary aspect of the players and the respect of the public.

He stressed that he does not accept any behavior that disrespects the public, noting that the players who behaved inappropriately have apologized, and that everyone is now focused on preparing for the Throne Cup semi-finals.

Al Fatal Tigers reiterated its support for the basketball team’s project, stressing that it will continue to support it until titles are achieved, but it will not tolerate any behavior from anyone that disrespects the team or the public.

Source: Fes News Media

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