WATCH. Al-Mass fans continue to demand the departure of Al-Jami +(Video)

Morocco Fassi fans continued their protest against Ismail Jamei, the president of Morocco Sporting Club Fassi, late this week.

Fassi fans held a banner that read “Al-Jamie Leave”, which is the main demand of the supporters for more than a year, and chanted slogans calling for Al-Jamie’s departure, and holding him responsible for what is happening within the team, as he controls every small and big thing within the club.

The fans hold Jami responsible for the financial crisis that the team is suffering from, which led to the delay of players’ dues for several months, which affected their performance on the field, and the fans also hold Jami responsible for the mismanagement and wrong choices that led to the decline in the team’s results in recent years.

Source : Fes News Media

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