The garden neighborhood in Wadi Fes suffers from the accumulation of waste and the chaos of occupying the public domain, and the residents demand urgent intervention + (photos)

Late this week, Fes News received a complaint from a resident of the Garden neighborhood in Wadi Fes, expressing her strong dissatisfaction with the deplorable conditions in the neighborhood.

The resident complains about the large accumulation of waste in the streets of the neighborhood, which has led to the spread of bad odors and insects, which threatens the health and safety of residents.

The residents add that the neighborhood also suffers from the chaos of occupying public property, as some people take over the sidewalks and streets to display their goods or park their cars, which hinders traffic and negatively affects the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

Through their complaint, the residents demand the urgent intervention of the concerned authorities to address these issues and provide a healthy and suitable environment for the residents.

Source : Fes News Media

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