A call on Line 19 and two warning shots end the danger of a delinquent showing signs of mental instability.

Yesterday, Friday, the city of Fnideq witnessed an interesting incident, where a security officer working in the rescue police at the regional security commissariat was forced to use his service weapon in a warning manner to neutralize the danger posed by a 41-year-old man with a criminal record, who was in a strong state of impulsiveness and posed a serious and dangerous threat to the safety of citizens and police officers with the use of a white weapon.

The details of the incident date back to when the National Security Services received a call via Line 19 that citizens were being threatened with a bladed weapon by a person believed to be suffering from a mental disorder and living in a state of homelessness in the city of Fnideq, and a security patrol immediately moved to the scene, where the suspect met violent resistance, resulting in minor injuries to a police officer.

In the face of this imminent danger, the security officer was forced to use his service weapon and fire two warning shots in the air, which enabled him to control the situation and neutralize the threat posed by the suspect.

The security officers were able to arrest the suspect and seize two bladed weapons that he used to threaten citizens. A judicial investigation was opened under the supervision of the competent public prosecution to uncover all the circumstances of this case and determine the suspect’s motives for committing these criminal acts.

The General Directorate of National Security was keen to reassure citizens that the security situation is under control and that it is working hard to preserve their security and safety. It also stresses the need for citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior via the hotline “19”.

Source : Fez News Media

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