PJD’s General Secretariat denounces Akhannouch’s “outrageous” statement after insulting parliament and Moroccans, and demands an immediate apology + (video)

The General Secretariat of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) issued a statement on the extraordinary meeting held yesterday, Thursday, June 13, expressing its rejection of the statements made by the head of the government, Aziz Akhannouch, during the monthly public policy session in the House of Representatives.

The secretariat considered these statements an insult to the institution of parliament and to all citizens, calling on Akhannouch to apologize immediately.

An extraordinary meeting of the General Secretariat of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) was held on Thursday, 06 Dhul Hijjah 1445 AH (June 13, 2024 AD), dedicated to discussing what the Prime Minister said last Monday during the monthly session dedicated to public policy, the topic of which was investment and employment.
After the presentation of a detailed report by Abdallah Bouwannou, head of the parliamentary group, and the members of the General Secretariat discussed the facts and implications of what the Prime Minister stated during this session, the General Secretariat affirms the following positions:
On the issue of investment and employment:

The General Secretariat alerts the Prime Minister to the deficit in this area, which is confirmed by official indicators such as the weak growth rate, the worsening unemployment rate, which reached 13.7%, a rate not recorded in Morocco since 2000, and the registration of 1,645,000 unemployed, and the government’s inability to fulfill the creation of at least one million net jobs during its mandate. The government’s inability to fulfill its commitment to create at least one million net jobs during its mandate, the decline in women’s participation in the labor market to less than 19% against the government’s pledge to raise it to more than 30%, the decline in foreign investment flows by 53% between 2023 and 2022, and the increasing number of bankrupt companies, which reached 12,397 in 2022 and 14,245 in 2023, and is expected to reach more than 14,600 in 2024, underscore these disappointing and limited results.
These disappointing and worrying results are natural consequences of the scourge of rents, monopolies and the combination of money and power, and the resulting monopolization of production and investment opportunities, deals and major projects at the expense of other enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, which leads to a lack of confidence and creates an atmosphere of expectation, reluctance and frustration among economic actors and entrepreneurs; it is also a natural consequence. It is also a natural consequence of the current government’s anti-investment, anti-growth and anti-employment policy, its lack of proactivity and its considerable delay in establishing the “National Investment Contract”, called for by His Majesty the King since October 2022, and in activating the support system for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and the support system for encouraging the international presence of Moroccan companies.

Noting the great confusion and improvisation in the management of the investment file through successive, multiple and inconsistent amendments to investment-related laws and regional investment centers, which have centralized the investment decision, complicated rather than simplified procedures, blurred the vision of investors and hindered the required and productive cooperation in this file between central and regional authorities, considering that the investment act has a territorial link and basis.
Given these disappointing results, the seriousness of the worsening unemployment, especially among young people in general and young people with degrees in particular, and the government’s lack of vision and delay in addressing this issue despite its pledge to make it a priority, and its resort to external study offices to develop a national and strategic public policy that concerns the future of Morocco and the future of its youth, the General Secretariat calls for deep and participatory national action by organizing a national debate on investment and employment, under high royal patronage, with the participation of all political, economic, social, academic and civil actors, administrative competencies and relevant constitutional institutions, in addition to the participation of all political, economic, social, academic and civil actors.
Regarding what the Prime Minister stated in his interaction with the comments of the parliamentary teams and groups that he does not care what they tell him and only cares about the opinion of the citizens who put him in charge, he said: “Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you say, what matters to us is the citizens. The citizens are the ones who brought us to this responsibility,” the General Secretariat emphasizes the following:
The PJD condemns this outrageous statement and calls on the Prime Minister to immediately apologize for it, as it is an insult to the entire parliament and to all citizens.
This statement is considered ignorant

The PJD condemns this outrageous statement and calls on the Prime Minister to immediately apologize for it, as it is an insult to the entire parliament and the general public.
This statement is a shocking political ignorance and disrespect for the constitution and parliament, which is the constitutional institution to which the prime minister can only be inaugurated after appearing before it and receiving the confidence of the House of Representatives, and to which the constitution entrusts the function of legislation and monitoring the work of the government and its head, and requires him to appear for accountability before parliament once a month, and to present the government’s work before it, in addition to the fact that the constitution gives him the possibility to withhold confidence from the government…
Remind him that under the constitution and political responsibility, the head of government is not the head of government for the citizens who put him in charge, as he said in his statement, but is the head of government at the service of all citizens, without exception.
The actions of the parliament, the opposition in particular, and the Justice and Development Parliamentary Group in particular, are part of the core of parliamentary work and are considered one of the national political roles that contribute to correcting the work of the government, alerting it, conveying the voice and suffering of citizens, rationalizing protests, and defending their legitimate rights within the framework of the institutions.
The General Secretariat warns of the danger of the arrogance and pride of self, money and power that has come to characterize the Prime Minister’s outputs and his interaction with the opposition and the excessive sensitivity with which he faces every voice of opposition or criticism, as he can only listen to the paid glorified voices that decorate the picture and obscure the reality of the economic, social and living conditions of citizens and citizens, which poses a great danger to the political situation and social stability in our country and loses its safety valve represented by the vitality and effectiveness of institutions and the enthusiasm of public debate and mediation.

Public debate, institutional mediation, and useful advice provided by parties and critical and dissenting voices.
Friday 07 Dhul Hijjah 1445 AH, corresponding to June 14, 2024 AD

Source : fes news media

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