Morocco exposes Algeria’s plans at UN Committee of 24 meeting

Algeria’s hostile plans against Morocco and its supreme interests were unveiled by Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Omar Hilale, during the work of the UN Committee of 24.

Algeria, in a desperate attempt to cover up the failure of its separatist project, brought to the Committee meeting three people who betrayed their country and presented them as “petitioners,” but the aim of this move was not to talk about the Moroccan Sahara issue, but to incite violence and undermine the Kingdom’s sacred institutions, Hilale said.

The Moroccan diplomat strongly denounced these practices, stressing that “what happened in this session is unacceptable” and that “Morocco, an ancient country based on a monarchy that spans five centuries, would never bring Algerians to attack the Algerian state and its institutions.”

Mr. Hilale noted that Algeria, “which can no longer find anyone to support its false thesis on the Moroccan Sahara, has recruited these people in order to undermine their country.” He described them as “traitors” and “agents,” adding that “it is shameful that the Algerian government resorts to such practices.”

“Morocco is a country of principles and values, a country of ancient civilization. “Morocco will never attack Algeria’s institutions or Algerian statesmen, nor will it pay any Algerian to come and attack the pillars of the Algerian state.

“While the Algerian people are queuing up to buy flour, milk, bananas and other items, the Algerian government lavishes money on mercenaries who are housed in five-star hotels in New York, whose sole purpose is to insult Morocco,” Hilale said.

The Moroccan diplomat also strongly denounced the “Algerian diplomacy” that “brings in agents, traitors and mercenaries,” accusing the Algerian ambassador of “not being ashamed of his provocative act as he greets and congratulates them in public. What a crime committed by the neighboring country.”

In response to Algeria’s allegations on human rights, Hilale stressed that Morocco has extended an open invitation to 12 special procedures mandate holders of the Human Rights Council to visit the Kingdom, including its Sahara, while Algeria claims that the Tindouf camps are open to all.

Mr. Hilale invited the Algerian ambassador to “present these invitations to the special procedures of the Human Rights Council,” stressing that “Morocco is ready at any time to disclose the invitations it has sent to the 12 special procedures of the Human Rights Council.”

Ambassador Hilale concluded his speech by inviting the Algerian ambassador to “pay attention to the rights of the helpless Algerian people, especially the Kabylees who have been languishing in Algerian prisons for years.”

Source : Fes News Media

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