News Summary for Thursday, June 14, 2024

Sidi Rahal: 15 Sheep Slaughtered Illegally

Authorities in the Sidi Rahal commune discovered 15 sheep slaughtered illegally inside a farm on the outskirts of the city. The slaughtered sheep were seized and sent for examination to open an investigation into the circumstances of this incident, which has caused widespread controversy among city residents. Activists on social media have called for stricter controls and increased efforts to prevent illegal practices that could endanger consumer health.

Rising Sacrificial Animal Prices Drive Families to Loans

Many Moroccan families, especially middle- and low-income ones, are resorting to loans to cope with the rising prices of sacrificial animals during Eid al-Adha. Many find themselves forced to buy the sacrificial animal at prices that exceed half of the monthly salary of the breadwinner, pushing them to resort to consumer loans.

Tetouan: Arrest of Cocaine and Psychotropic Drugs Traffickers

Elements of the Anti-Gang Squad of the Tetouan Security District arrested three people aged between 32 and 41, one of them with a criminal record, on suspicion of their involvement in a case related to the trafficking of cocaine and psychotropic drugs. The search of the three detainees resulted in the seizure of 7 kilograms and 552 grams of cocaine, and 894 narcotic pills of different types.

Fears of the Spread of AH5N2 Virus Raise the Specter of Corona

The international scientific community has expressed fears of the spread of the AH5N2 virus, also known as bird flu, which can be transmitted to humans, especially those who are in contact with infected animals. Dr. Tayeb Hamdi stressed the need to tighten control and monitoring of the virus, take precautions for travelers, and avoid approaching animals without taking the necessary precautionary measures.

Casablanca: Eid al-Adha Sacrifice Slaughter Service Provided in Urban Slaughterhouses

The local development company Casa Services will provide an Eid al-Adha sacrifice slaughter service in the urban slaughterhouses of Casablanca, located on March 10th Street in the Sidi Othmane district, under the supervision of the Casablanca City Council. The company will also provide a sheep shelter service in stables equipped for this purpose two days before the Eid, and will ensure that the slaughter process is carried out in accordance with the recognized health safety and quality standards, as well as the specifications set by the relevant authorities. This operation is organized within the limits of the slaughterhouses’ capacity.

Marrakech: Refusal to Release Accused of Converting an Apartment into an Unlicensed Cosmetic Clinic

The Marrakech Court of First Instance rejected the request of the defense team of four defendants from Turkey and France to grant them provisional release against bail, on the background of their involvement in converting an apartment into a medical clinic to perform cosmetic surgery without a license. The court set a date of June 14, 2024, to continue discussing the case.

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