Ministry of Interior Issues Directive on Tax Disputes Concerning Unbuilt Urban Land

The Moroccan Minister of Interior, has issued directives to the regional governors and provincial workers regarding tax disputes related to the levy on unbuilt urban land. This measure follows periodic meetings with administrative courts and tax authorities.

Directive Details:

The document, issued by the Directorate of Local Institutions of the Ministry of Interior, highlights a significant increase in the number of cases related to the levy on unbuilt urban land being brought before administrative courts. It points out that the failure to update and renew the lists of taxpayers according to issued judgments contributes to the complexity of these disputes.

Key Points:

  • Statistics related to tax disputes concerning the levy on unbuilt urban land must be submitted before the upcoming June.
  • The amounts and reasons for canceling this levy must be specified in an attached table and sent digitally via email to the specified address.
  • Emphasis on the importance of coordinating efforts among various concerned parties to ensure effective application of tax laws and avoid accumulation of disputes in courts.

Future Directives:

The Ministry of Interior stressed the importance of regularly providing the required statistics, highlighting the use of Excel or Word for preparing the necessary data to ensure accuracy and quick processing of information.

This directive aims to improve tax administration, ensure taxpayers’ rights, and enhance transparency and efficiency in handling tax disputes related to unbuilt urban land.

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