Morocco is investing 400 billion dirhams to connect 43 cities to the high-speed rail network : Tangier to Agadir and Casablanca to Oujda

Minister of Transport and Logistics Mohamed Abdeljalil revealed the multidirectional plans presented by the National Office of Railways (ONR).

These plans include the construction of a high-speed rail network spanning more than 1,300 kilometers, as well as the expansion and modernization of conventional rail lines to reach 3,800 kilometers.

At the session of the House of Councillors, the minister emphasized the importance of these plans, which will connect 43 cities instead of the current 23, and provide rail services to 87% of the population instead of 51%, at a cost of more than 400 billion dirhams.

The new network focuses on two main axes, the Atlantic axis between Tangier and Agadir, and the Maghreb axis between Casablanca and Oujda.

In terms of implementation, ONR is currently working on a 400-kilometer high-speed line between Kenitra and Marrakech, and is preparing to conduct the necessary studies to build another 240-kilometer line between Marrakech and Agadir.

Abdeljalil noted that the ONR has carried out a feasibility study on the rail link between Agadir and Laayoune to determine the route and estimate the cost of this project.

source : Fez News

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