Legal Prosecution of Suspects in Fez Tannery Fire

The public prosecutor at the Court of First Instance in Fez has decided to prosecute two individuals in custody in connection with the fire that broke out in the Tannery Quarter in the Bab Fettouh neighborhood, which resulted in deaths and injuries.

The two suspects are a welder known as “Soudor” and the owner of a tailoring shop. They have been remanded in custody at the Ourkaid local prison in the suburbs of Fez on charges of unintentionally causing a fire that led to fatalities and injuries, as well as causing a fire due to negligence and lack of caution.

The competent public prosecutor’s office has set June 10 as the date for the two suspects to appear before the Court of First Instance in Fez within the urgent misdemeanor chamber to initiate their trial and consider the charges brought against them.

This legal action comes in the aftermath of the investigations conducted by the relevant authorities to determine the circumstances and causes of the tragic fire that engulfed the historic Tannery Quarter in Fez, which resulted in severe material and human losses.

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