Families. Failing the Baccalaureate is not the end of the world The tragic end of a baccalaureate candidate

A tragic incident that led to the death of a student who was a candidate for the baccalaureate exams shook the Musfi public on Monday.

According to identical sources, the student threw herself off the Corniche in the city of Safi after completing the exam in the morning.

The sources explained that the invigilators caught the student in a state of cheating, so they withdrew the exam paper from her and took her out of the classroom, a failure that she did not tolerate, so she did what she did.

In the same context, several social media platforms circulated a painful audio recording attributed to the concerned person, in which she sends a farewell message to her family, explaining that she could not bear failing the exam, and asking everyone to pray for her mercy and her family to forgive her.

It is noteworthy that baccalaureate candidates are under great pressure during the exam period, so it is desirable for families and society in general to have a culture of awareness, and to recognise that failing the baccalaureate is not the end of the world and that the future does not depend on the exam, but that there are those who are successful in the field even without any degree or certificate.

From the website: Fez News

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