National Security Directorate Opens Investigation into Allegations of Police Extortion

The Directorate General of National Security has reviewed a video circulating on social media platforms, showing an individual claiming he was blackmailed by a police officer under the pretext of being the subject of a criminal investigation.

In order to enlighten public opinion, and in response to the content of the referenced video, the National Security Directorate confirms that the person appearing in this video was received at the Fez Police Headquarters by the Police Superintendent, where he filed his complaint, which was duly received.

In parallel with this reception, the Regional Judicial Police Brigade in Fez has opened a judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office, in order to uncover all the circumstances, details, and background of this case.

While the National Security Directorate is keen to clarify these facts, it reiterates its serious and positive engagement with any media coverage of security-related issues.

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