Yolanda Diaz Resigns as Leader of Pro-Polisario Far-Left Party Sumar After Total Failure in European Elections

In an unexpected move, Yolanda Diaz has resigned from her position as leader of the far-left, pro-Polisario party Sumar, following the party’s resounding failure in the recent European elections.

The coalition of far-left, anti-Morocco parties managed to secure only 133,000 votes in the Spanish elections, dealing a heavy blow to Diaz’s political career despite her harsh criticism of Morocco and outright support for the separatists.

This shocking setback for the Deputy Prime Minister of Spain comes at a time when she aspired to lead the far-left movement in Spain, but the election results showed Spanish voters’ disillusionment with her controversial political agenda.

Questions now remain about Diaz’s political future and the fate of the extremist left-wing current in the country after this unprecedented setback.

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