Mohammed VI Foundation Launches Digital Platform for Social Services to National Security Personnel

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Social Works for National Security Personnel has launched a new digital platform on the internet starting this month of June. The interactive platform introduces the range of social and solidarity services provided by the Foundation to its members, including active and retired police officers, as well as their families and beneficiaries.

Developed as a comprehensive digital communication tool, this online portal aims to enable members to constantly and instantly access the services offered in the areas of health, leisure, and religious activities. It also provides information on the conditions to benefit from partnership agreements with commercial, banking, and service institutions in sectors such as transportation, tourism, telecommunications, and others.

Accessible through the website, the platform features dedicated spaces to showcase the activities organized by the Foundation as part of its annual program. These include summer camps for children and orphans of police officers, the Hajj pilgrimage, annual scholarship programs for outstanding students, as well as a special section honoring martyrs and duty officers from the National Security forces.

The launch of this digital platform is part of a comprehensive modernization process and strengthening of the social services package offered to the National Security community. By diversifying the social offerings in areas such as health, housing, spiritual security, leisure, and more, the aim is to ensure that police officers benefit from a stable social framework, serving as an incentive for further dedication and commitment in fulfilling their professional duties to protect the nation’s and citizens’ security.

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