Moroccan Newspaper Headlines for Monday, June 10, 2024

Teachers Complain About Slow Electronic Coding Program for Entering Grades in “Masar” System

A number of teachers involved in correcting the first year baccalaureate exams have complained about the difficulties encountered in using the electronic coding program to enter grades in the “Masar” system. The teachers explained that it may take them more than an hour to enter the grades for less than 100 corrected exam papers using smartphones that they have been provided with, which they consider a “waste of time and effort.” This is if the system does not malfunction.

Laying the Foundation Stone for a Seawater Desalination Plant in Jماعة Mharraza Sahel

Preparations are underway to lay the foundation stone for a seawater desalination plant in Jماعة Mharraza Sahel in the province of الجديدة. The plant is located near the coastal road known as “Azemmour Road” and is expected to contribute to providing drinking water to the inhabitants of the region.

Kidney Failure Patients in Beni Mellal Complain of Repeated Malfunctions in Dialysis Machines

Kidney failure patients at the regional hemodialysis center located at the Beni Mellal regional hospital have complained about repeated malfunctions in some of the machines used in the dialysis process. The patients called on the responsible authorities to intervene urgently to repair the malfunctions and provide good conditions for them during the dialysis period.

Widespread Campaign Against Non-Compliant Sunshade Owners on Casablanca Beaches

The president of the Casablanca commune council, Nabila Rmili, has given the green light to administrative police officers to carry out a wide-ranging campaign against owners of sunshades who do not comply with the specifications laid down for Casablanca beaches. According to the same source, the campaign will mainly target owners of sunshades who exploit beach areas and impose financial charges on citizens. The operation will also take place on the coastline, such as Ain Diab.

Local Authorities Continue Their Campaign Against Random Buildings in Casablanca

The local authorities in Casablanca are continuing their war against a number of buildings and warehouses that have been built randomly outside the legal procedures in force in a number of areas of Casablanca. The authorities have demolished a number of random shops and warehouses in the Ain Chock area, including shops selling building materials that were built randomly in recent years.

Body of Unknown Young Man Found in Beni Mellal

The body of an unidentified young man was found hanging from an upper floor of a residential building in Beni Mellal, which is still under construction. Elements of the scientific and technical police arrived at the scene and combed the area to determine the circumstances and details of the incident.

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