New Appointments to Leadership Positions in National Security Services in Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Al Hoceima and Ouazzane

Rabat – In order to create an internal dynamic in the management of police human resources, the General Directorate of National Security announced a series of new appointments to positions of responsibility within the National Security services in the cities of Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Al Hoceima, and Ouazzane.

The latest appointments, which were approved by the Director General of National Security, Mr. Abdellatif Hammouchi, involved 6 new leadership positions. These include the appointment of a new head of the Regional Security District in the city of Ouazzane, a head of the Regional Administrative Service in the city of Al Hoceima, and a head of the Criminal Brigade within the Regional Judicial Police Service in the city of Ouarzazate.

This transfer movement also included the appointment of a uniformed police officer to head the Mobile Emergency Police Brigade in the city of Marrakech, as well as another officer to lead the Urban Body of the Manara Security District in the same city. Additionally, a new head was appointed for the “Iziki” Police Station within the Mehammid Security District in Marrakech.

These appointments are part of the General Directorate of National Security’s policy aimed at achieving optimal management of police human resources and ensuring the continuity of security work according to standards of efficiency, seriousness, and integrity, thereby ensuring the provision of outstanding security services to citizens.

Furthermore, this transfer movement aims to give a new impetus to the field work of the National Security services across the various regions of the Kingdom by injecting new blood into leadership positions and leveraging the accumulated expertise of the newly appointed security officials.

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