To the mercy of God… A horrific nighttime accident kills the son of a provincial governor and leaves other victims

Rabat, Morocco – 8 June 2024

The son of the governor of Ouarzazate was killed and his brother and two other people were seriously injured in a horrific traffic accident that took place at dawn on Saturday in the Hassan neighbourhood of Rabat.

The accident occurred between two cars, a Bentley, in which the two sons of the Ouarzazate mayor were travelling, and an Audi, in which four people were travelling.

The son of the Ouarzazate worker died on the spot, while the driver of the Audi succumbed to his injuries after being taken to hospital.

The brother of the Ouarzazate labourer’s son and three other occupants of the Audi, including a girl, were taken to Ibn Sina University Hospital for treatment, where their condition was described as serious.

Preliminary information indicates that the accident was caused by excessive speed and failure to respect the traffic light by the driver of the Audi.

The competent authorities have opened an investigation into the circumstances of the accident to find out the exact details of the accident.

From the website: Fez News

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