For the first time in the history of the exam A 9-year-old girl takes the baccalaureate exams

Paris, France, 8 June 2024: A child prodigy has set a new record in the history of the Baccalaureate exams in France, taking this year’s exams at the age of just nine, making her the youngest candidate in the history of the prestigious exam.

A unique challenge:

The child belongs to the Strasbourg Academy and is currently studying in the second grade of primary school, which makes her much younger than her peers taking the exams. According to an official at the French Ministry of National Education, she chose to sit as a free candidate for the baccalaureate exam, which begins on 18 June with the philosophy exam.

Intensive preparations:

In order to prepare well, she recently underwent localised tests similar to the continuous assessment system, with the aim of raising her level and enhancing her abilities in her chosen subjects, namely mathematics, physics and chemistry.

An exceptional phenomenon:

At a press conference for the 2024 edition of the baccalaureate exam, Edouard Jeffrey, France’s director general of school education, explained that the youngest candidates are usually 12 or 13 years old. Last year, the youngest candidate was 12 years old at the Versailles Academy, while the youngest candidate for the professional baccalaureate exam was 15 years old.

High participation:

This year’s statistics show that 728,164 candidates took part in the Baccalaureate exams, with the oldest candidate being 76 years old for the General Baccalaureate and 66 years old for the Vocational Baccalaureate.

Proving exceptional abilities:

The child’s story embodies extraordinary courage and intelligence, and proves that the human mind is capable of achieving the impossible. Her participation in the Baccalaureate exams is an inspiration to all, motivating people to work harder and persevere to achieve their dreams, no matter how difficult or impossible they may be.

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