Two journalists assaulted while covering protests by Wydad Al Fassi players

Fez – In an unprecedented incident, journalists Alaa Bouzini and Karim Anfis, reporters for ‘Al Hadath 24’ and ‘Al Asema’ websites, were severely assaulted by the driver of the Wydad Al Fassi team bus and some members of the club’s technical staff, with beatings, insults, insults and seizure of camera equipment, in addition to throwing his professional card on the ground.

The attack took place during the journalists’ coverage of the vigil organised by the Wydad El Fassi players, who refused to travel to Oujda to play the penultimate round of the second professional league against the Oujda Islamic Union, on the grounds of offending the team, which is at the bottom of the championship standings and a candidate for relegation to the amateur division.

Following this outrageous attack, which contradicts the right to information and obstructs the tasks of reporters and journalists in informing public opinion and providing the public with all the club’s developments, the regional branch of the Union of Moroccan Journalists in Fez issued a statement of condemnation.

The statement held the team’s management office responsible for what happened, especially as it concerns technical, administrative and media personnel accompanying the club, in addition to the negligence of the team’s media officer in fulfilling his duty towards the media and providing a helping hand instead of snitching and inciting against them.

The statement also praised the action taken by the two journalists by resorting to the legal procedures to punish anyone who had the opportunity to barbarically attack the journalistic body and restrict its work or try to silence it.

The regional branch called for the professionalisation of the profession and the development of sports media in the city, stressing that the team’s media officer is part of this media body whose members seek to achieve these goals.

From the website: Fez News

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