The Tabari School in Fez: A disaster on the inside despite being painted on the outside!

Fez, Morocco, 8 June 2024: Fez News has received photos showing the deplorable condition of the backyard of a primary school in the Musalla neighbourhood of Bab El Fotouh in Fez. The photos, obtained by the newspaper from a local source, show a pile of dust, weeds and burnt tree branches in the backyard of the school, raising serious concerns about the safety of students and their learning conditions.

A local source reveals the disastrous situation:

A local source confirmed that this is the state of Al-Tabari School, which recently housed kindergarten sections. The source added that the school was recently painted from the outside, and that a committee visited the school, but no real measures were taken to improve the situation inside the classrooms.

Concerns for the safety of students:

These images raise serious concerns about the safety of pupils and their learning conditions. How can students learn in such an unhealthy, dusty and dirty environment?

Calls for improved school conditions:

Parents and civil society organisations in Fez are calling for urgent action to improve the conditions of Tabari School and provide a suitable environment for learning.

Shared responsibility:

From the Ministry of National Education to local authorities and civil society organisations, the responsibility for improving the conditions of the Tabari School lies with all stakeholders.

Education is a fundamental right:

Education is a fundamental right for every child, and a suitable environment must be provided to ensure their right to a quality education.

From the website: Fez News

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