Money crimes continue in several local authorities in the Fes Meknes region following requests to relieve elected officials of their duties and their continued receipt of salaries outside of the legal regulations

The Fes Meknes region is witnessing an upsurge in money crimes within several local authorities, with reports indicating that some elected officials who have requested to be relieved of their duties are still receiving their salaries illegally.

These local officials are reportedly exploiting legal and administrative loopholes to continue receiving their financial dues despite not fulfilling their job duties. These practices exacerbate the financial situation of territorial communities and raise widespread resentment among citizens who see this as a manipulation of their resources and a breach of the principles of transparency and integrity.

For their part, the oversight authorities confirmed that they are opening in-depth investigations to uncover the circumstances of these abuses and take the necessary legal measures against anyone found to be involved in these offences. They emphasise the importance of activating monitoring and accountability mechanisms to ensure that administrative work is conducted in accordance with legal controls and ethical standards.

The authorities called on citizens to report any suspicious practices and cooperate with the competent authorities to achieve justice and preserve public funds. The authorities also stressed their determination to continue their efforts to cleanse institutions from corruption and strengthen trust between citizens and the administration.

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