Egypt Receives Positive Signals from Hamas Regarding Potential Truce with Israel

Egypt has received “positive signals” from the Palestinian Hamas movement regarding a potential truce with Israel in the Gaza Strip, according to a high-ranking official cited by Al-Qahera News, a media outlet close to Egyptian intelligence, on Thursday.

The source stated that “Hamas will present its response regarding the truce proposal in the coming days,” noting that Egypt, along with the United States and Qatar, is leading mediation efforts to get the parties to accept a ceasefire plan unveiled last week by U.S. President Joe Biden.

The same high-ranking official added that “Hamas leaders informed us that they are seriously and positively considering the truce proposal,” assuring that Egypt had “received positive signals from Hamas indicating their aspiration for a ceasefire.”

The source also mentioned that Hamas leaders have been “invited” to come to Cairo “to discuss all details related to the current situation.”

This announcement from Cairo comes as the U.S. President and 16 other leaders, mainly from Europe and Latin America, urged Hamas on Thursday to accept the current ceasefire proposal.

The plan includes a six-week ceasefire, followed by an Israeli withdrawal from densely populated areas in Gaza, the release of certain hostages held in the Palestinian territory, particularly women and the sick, and Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.

“It is time for this war to end, and this agreement is a necessary starting point,” the White House said in a joint statement with leaders from France, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia, among others.

On Tuesday, the Qatari mediator expressed the need for a “clear position” from the Israeli government on the ceasefire plan. “We have not yet seen a very clear position from the Israeli government on the principles outlined by Biden,” said Majed al-Ansari, the spokesperson for the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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