Countdown Begins for the Unveiling of the Contractor for the Kenitra-Marrakech High-Speed Rail Line: Farewell to the French Candidate!

Rabat, Morocco – June 7, 2024 – Doubts have been resolved, and the countdown is now on to reveal the identity of the company that will be responsible for implementing the high-speed rail project linking the cities of Kenitra and Marrakech. According to informed sources, the chosen company will not be French, contrary to previous expectations.

Awaiting the Official Announcement:

However, the identity of the winning company remains under wraps, pending an official announcement from the relevant authorities.

“CRDC” China Plans a Strong Presence:

The Chinese giant “CRDC”, specializing in the railway sector, did not wait for the winner to be announced, as it took the initiative to establish a branch in the capital Rabat.

It is likely that this move comes in preparation for the implementation of the high-speed rail project linking Marrakech and Agadir, which is scheduled to see the light of day in 2030.

Kenitra-Marrakech Line Ready in 2027:

Construction work on the high-speed rail line linking Kenitra and Marrakech is progressing at a rapid pace, with expectations that construction will be completed and the line will be opened in 2027.

Linking North to South:

The high-speed rail project represents an important link in Morocco’s transport system, as it will connect the north to the south, starting from Tangier and reaching Laayoune in the Sahara.

This step is the fruit of the strategic vision of the Kingdom of Morocco aimed at strengthening its infrastructure and developing its transport system to serve economic and tourism development in all parts of the country.

A Promising Future for Morocco’s Transport Sector:

There is no doubt that high-speed rail projects bode well for the future of the transport sector in Morocco, as they will contribute to improving the connection between different regions and facilitating movement between them, which will boost economic development and stimulate investment and tourism.

As the official announcement of the winning company approaches, anticipation remains high to know who will have the honor of contributing to the completion of this huge project that will change the face of transportation in Morocco.

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