Morocco boosts Royal Air Force capabilities with new arms deals (Harpoon Block II anti-ship missiles (AGM-84L) and SLAM-ER cruise missiles (AGM-84H/K))

Morocco is enhancing the capabilities of its Royal Air Force through new arms deals. The country is acquiring Harpoon Block II (AGM-84L) anti-ship missiles and SLAM-ER (AGM-84H/K) cruise missiles from the American company Boeing.

Sources have indicated that Morocco will receive 24 F-16 Viper fighter jets in 2026, equipped with these modern missiles, which will contribute to bolstering Morocco’s sovereignty over its maritime domain. The Harpoon Block II missiles represent the latest generation of anti-ship missiles, characterized by their high destructive capability with a warhead weighing 525 kg and a range of up to 280 km. They are capable of accurately targeting both moving and stationary maritime targets, including aircraft carriers and landing ships.

Moreover, the medium and long-range cruise missiles possess advanced technologies enabling them to precisely strike maritime and land targets, thus enhancing Morocco’s offensive capabilities.

In a related context, Morocco continues its plan to modernize its armed forces, with expectations of acquiring a fifth-generation Russian Amour submarine with a non-air-dependent propulsion system. Additionally, there are intentions to purchase French Barracuda-class submarines after Australia canceled its purchase contract with France. Naval Group, specialized in building defense ships, has conducted a marketing campaign in Morocco to sell its submarines, according to the French newspaper “La Tribune.”

These steps are part of Morocco’s efforts to enhance its defensive capabilities and modernize its military equipment to keep pace with modern technological developments and ensure the protection of its strategic interests.

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