A video circulating on Facebook of people beating and injuring each other with bladed weapons mobilizes the Tetouan police, and here’s what happened!

The Tetouan Security Directorate reacted quickly and seriously to a video posted on social media platforms, which shows people exchanging blows and wounds using white weapons and driving two motorcycles in a reckless manner, posing a danger to the safety of pedestrians, and the caption attached to the video claims that these people intercepted pedestrians in Larache.

Based on the research and investigations conducted based on this video, it turned out that the incident was part of a criminal case being handled by the National Security in Larache, which resulted in the arrest of three suspects shortly after they committed these criminal acts.

During the seizure and search operation, four white weapons and a mask were found in the possession of the suspects, in addition to the two motorcycles that were used to commit the crimes.

The suspects were subjected to judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent public prosecution, with the aim of uncovering all the circumstances of the case and determining the real motives behind the commission of these criminal acts.

Source : Fes News Media

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