Al-Sabah newspaper : Public prosecution decides to prosecute a headmaster in Fez on charges of “false informing”

Fez News learned on Wednesday morning, from an article published by the newspaper “Al-Sabah” under the category of “incident news”, that the public prosecution at the Fez Court of First Instance decided to prosecute the headmaster of the Al-Idrisi Mosque on charges of “false informing”, after he was accused of stealing administrative documents from the Endowments Department.

Al-Sabah newspaper explained that the public prosecution referred this file to the ordinary criminal chamber, which will start his trial on June 11, in a first session to which the complainant was summoned.

According to the same source, the details of the incident go back to when the headmaster of the Adarsi honor guard filed a complaint with the public prosecution, in which he accused one of the Adarsi honor guard of stealing documents, which were saved before they were taken out of custody and re-saved again due to the lack of evidence to hold the complainant legally accountable, who in turn filed a complaint against the headmaster, requesting an investigation and prosecution as required by law.

In his complaint, the headmaster said that the accused took advantage of his visit to the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs to obtain royal gifts and grants, as he is an honorable Adarsa, and claimed that he stole a set of confidential documents that no one can possess, and provided evidence within the documents of his complaint against him, accusing him of committing financial irregularities and transgressions.

The headmaster’s complaint came after he himself was the subject of other complaints from some Adarsi honorable people who accused him of being behind financial irregularities during his management of the shrine, three of whom were acquitted of the misdemeanor of threatening to commit a felony, after they were prosecuted based on a complaint in which he accused them of planning to physically liquidate him and assign someone to carry out the task for 5,000 dirhams.

Source : Fes News Media

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