Minister of Justice: “I am surprised by people who get married without a national ID card, and who can’t access the courts without one.”

Minister of Justice Abdellatif Wehbi announced on Tuesday that there is a discussion within the ministry about introducing amendments to the draft Code of Civil Procedure, aimed at preventing people who do not have a national ID from accessing the courts.

During the discussion of the draft law in the Justice and Legislation Committee of the House of Representatives, Wahbi raised his surprise at the existence of people who get married without a national card, stressing the need to oblige the parties to the lawsuit to present a national identity card to access the courts.

The minister emphasized the importance of linking the national card to the personal data of citizens, which facilitates the process of notification and legal procedures, and ensures that time is not lost due to the absence of this data.

Wahbi noted that “350%” of time is wasted in the courts due to the absence of the national card, considering it a “sacred thing” that guarantees the rights of citizens and organizes legal transactions.

Commenting on this issue, some legal experts believe that requiring a national ID to access the courts may hinder some people from accessing their right to litigation, especially in remote areas or among vulnerable groups.

Some experts suggest alternatives, such as issuing temporary identity cards or adopting a special system for undocumented people, to ensure that everyone has access to justice.

Source : Fes News Media

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