New “Marhaba 2024” facilities for temporary importation of automobiles

The Department of Customs and Indirect Taxes has issued a new circular containing new facilitation measures for Moroccans residing abroad as part of Operation Marhaba 2024.

Among the most notable novelties in this circular is the extension of the temporary residence period for cars imported as of 1 December of each year for an additional 6 months without penalty and without interruption in the residence period, provided that this additional period is counted within the following year.

Persons whose temporary residency period expired before 1 December can benefit from this new procedure, provided that they pay the fine for exceeding the legal period, upon request from the owner of the vehicle or his representative, accompanied by the original registration certificate and the temporary residency document.

As for people who have exhausted their right to temporarily import a car for the current year, they can temporarily import their cars starting from 1 December for a period of 6 months to be counted within the following year.

As for cars with a temporary registration card, they can be temporarily imported provided that the card is valid and registered in the name of the applicant for temporary import, in which case temporary residence is granted for the duration of the card’s validity.

As for the transfer of ownership of the temporary importation of cars, the new circular allows the transfer of ownership of a temporarily imported car from one non-resident to another, even if they are from different countries, provided that neither of them is a resident of Morocco and that this is done before the expiry of the temporary residence permit.

The transferee must not have exhausted his right to temporary importation or have another vehicle in an illegal situation. The transfer does not extend the period of temporary residence granted to the assignee, and the vehicle must be re-exported within the legal timeframe.

From the website: Fez News

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