Sacrificial markets : The rise in prices raises the concern of citizens and parliamentary demands to activate monitoring committees and curb the spread of the phenomenon of “shanaqa”

The sacrificial market in Morocco is increasingly dominated by middlemen who have come to control supply and demand, which has led to an unprecedented rise in sacrificial prices.

This situation has alarmed citizens, as it has become difficult for many families to afford to buy sacrificial animals.

As a result, parliamentary advisor Abdelrahman Al Wafa submitted a written question to the Minister of Interior, asking him to activate the ministry’s monitoring committees to fight middlemen in the sacrificial markets to protect the citizen.

In his question, the same consultant pointed out that the sacrificial markets are witnessing a widespread proliferation of middlemen and “shanaqa” who exploit the needs of citizens, which exacerbates the situation and increases the burden of high prices.

He added that the market also suffers from the entry of interlopers who practice buying and selling sacrificial animals without having any connection to livestock breeding, which increases the chaos and complicates matters further, and under these circumstances, it is necessary to strictly activate the monitoring committees to combat these intermediaries and ensure that the process of selling sacrificial animals is organized to achieve justice and protect citizens, and that farmers who practice livestock farming and are registered in agricultural chambers have the exclusive right or priority to sell sacrificial animals in markets designated for this purpose.

The MP stressed that activating these committees and strengthening them with the necessary human resources will have a positive impact on the market, as it will contribute to reducing chaos and achieving a balance between supply and demand, which will reflect positively on prices and alleviate the suffering of citizens.

The MP also asked the Minister of Interior about the necessary measures his ministry will take in this regard.

The MP also asked the Minister of Interior what measures his ministry will take in this regard.

source : fes news media

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