Morocco’s National Press Syndicate calls for better wages for workers in the sector and denounces the government’s continued disregard in light of the continuous rise in prices

The National Syndicate of the Moroccan Press, in a recent statement, expressed its deep concern about the government and the public and private sectors’ continued disregard for the demand to improve the wages of workers in the press and media sector, in light of the continuous rise in prices and the decline in purchasing power.

The syndicate emphasized in a statement that the material situation of journalists and workers in this sector has become very difficult, and even reaches the point of fragility in some sectors, which hinders them from carrying out their media duties to the fullest.

The statement pointed out that justifying the non-payment of wage increases to some media organizations due to their legal status is not a sufficient justification, especially since many other sectors have seen increases in the wages of their workers to cope with inflation.

The union noted that the freezing of journalists’ wages for many years, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, has exacerbated their suffering, and that the ministry in charge of the sector refuses to approve legitimate increases for journalists, especially those related to seniority.

The union also criticized the reluctance of many media organizations to implement the increases approved by the joint social agreement signed between the union and the publishers’ representatives, which included a net increase in the wages of journalists and workers in the sector.

The union expressed its dissatisfaction with the failure of the ministry to decide on the direction required to improve and strengthen the wages of workers in the sector, especially after the adoption of the decree on public support for women and journalists.

The union stressed the weakness of social services within the press and media sector, and even its absence in many institutions and sectors.

Source : Fes News Media

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