Abdelrahman Afifi appointed as deputy governor of Fes security: A distinguished career

Mr Abdelrahman Afifi, a competent and impartial Moroccan security professional with long experience in various judicial police responsibilities, has received the confidence of Mr Abdellatif Hamouchi, Director General of National Security and Director General of National Surveillance, with his appointment as Deputy Prefect of Fez.

This appointment reflects the importance of competence and experience in holding senior security positions, and is part of the strategy of the General Directorate of National Security to enhance security and stability in the Kingdom.

A distinguished career

Abdulrahman Afifi began his career in the field of judicial police, where he moved between several positions and tasks that contributed to honing his expertise and enhancing his leadership skills. He worked at the head of judicial police teams and departments in Rabat, Tamara, Kenitra and Sidi Slimane. These diverse experiences enabled him to acquire a deep knowledge of the security field and develop his abilities in dealing with various security challenges.

Successive promotions and leadership responsibilities

Due to his competence and integrity, Abdelrahman Afifi was promoted to assume leadership positions in multiple security zones, including the cities of Salé, Qalaa El Saraghna, and Béjerir. In each of these positions, Afifi proved his worth and his ability to achieve security and stability, by implementing effective strategies and managing teams efficiently.

Scientific and ethical competence

Abdulrahman Afifi is not only an accomplished field commander, he also holds a PhD, reflecting his commitment to continuous learning and self-development. This combination of scientific competence and practical experience makes him able to provide innovative and effective solutions to security issues. In addition, Afifi is known for his kindness and his ability to communicate and listen to the concerns of citizens, which enhances the local community’s trust in the security organisation.

Enhancing security and stability in Fez

The appointment of Abdelrahman Afifi as Deputy Governor of Fez comes at a time when society needs security leaders capable of dealing with increasing security challenges. The city of Fez, with its historical and cultural status, requires a high level of professionalism and commitment to ensure the safety and security of its residents and visitors. With his long experience and ability to innovate, Afifi is expected to contribute significantly to enhancing security and stability in the city.

Effective strategies for communicating with citizens

One of Abdulrahman Afifi’s outstanding attributes is his ability to connect with citizens and listen to their concerns. In today’s world, where security challenges are increasing and issues are complex, effective communication with the community is paramount. Through his holistic and inclusive approach, Afifi is expected to foster trust between security and society, contributing to building a strong and sustainable relationship based on mutual respect and co-operation.

The appointment of Abdelrahman Afifi as Deputy Governor of Fez represents an important step towards enhancing security and stability in the city. This appointment reflects Mr Abdellatif Hammouchi’s vision of the need to select competent and honourable people to fill leadership positions, thereby enhancing the ability of the National Security to face challenges and achieve security and justice in the Kingdom.

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