The sudden death of Ayoub Aït icht, the controversy surrounding Morocco’s hotel industry, and Wahbi’s language make headlines in Morocco

The sudden death of Ayoub Aït Aicht, a player of the Municipal Sports Club of Ouarzazate, triggered memories of similar incidents among Moroccan athletes. The national stadiums have witnessed the sudden death of a number of players, including Youssef Belkhodja of Wydad Sporting Club, Jawad Akdar of Hassania Agadir, and Adel Tekradi of Olympique Khouribga, among others.

Analysing the phenomenon, Boudjemaa Zahi, a sports medicine specialist, explained that the cardiovascular system of athletes undergoes organic and functional changes as a result of continuous physical exertion, which may lead to sudden deaths due to cardiac arrhythmia during uncontrolled exertion.

In another context, Al Watan Al Now covered the controversy surrounding the hotel industry in Morocco, where some hotels in major tourist cities have started to implement a decision to cancel requiring customers to sign a marriage contract, in response to the statement of Justice Minister Abdellatif Wehbi that this procedure is illegal. This decision sparked mixed reactions between supporters and opponents from across the political and societal spectrum.

The university scene in Morocco is in turmoil due to a six-month strike by medical and pharmacy students, which threatens a white year. Dr Kamal Saidi held the government responsible for the current crisis, noting that the decision of a white year does not serve anyone’s interest.

Driss Radwani, a member of the Political Bureau of the Progress and Socialist Party (PSP), was quoted in Al-Meshal as saying that the government’s recent wage increase is insufficient in light of rising inflation and the cost of living.

In Al-Ayyam, reference was made to the ongoing controversy surrounding Justice Minister Abdellatif Wehbi and his provocative statements, as he recently sparked a heated debate in parliament using inappropriate language, raising questions about his representation of his duties as a minister.

Regarding the increase in the price of ‘bouta’, Hussein Yamani, general secretary of the National Union of Petroleum and Gas, pointed out that this decision moves away from the concept of a social state that guarantees a decent living for citizens, warning of the escalation of social and economic unrest as a result of current government policies.

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