The Waf with negative results and an indifferent bureau is waiting for it in the amateur division?

Wydad El Fassi are having their “worst” season, currently sitting at the bottom of the Moroccan league standings, threatening to be relegated to the amateur division.

According to a source, what angers Wydad fans more than the team’s negative results is the cold-bloodedness of the management office, which is not making any effort to save the team from this miserable situation.

Every time a grant comes into the team’s coffers, the management office distributes some “dirhams” to the players with false promises to pay their overdue dues, without any radical solution to the issue.

The same source wondered why the managing office does not look for new investors or other sources of funding to ensure the stability of the team, and if it is unable to do so, why doesn’t it resign collectively and leave the way for those who are more qualified to manage the team?

Source : Fez News Media

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