“All Eyes on Rafah” A wave of solidarity with Rafah is sweeping Instagram with this photo. What is her story

On social media, especially Instagram, a photo in solidarity with the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip went viral. The photo was shared by millions of people and celebrities around the world, after many Palestinians were killed and injured in the Israeli attack on the tents of displaced people in northeastern Rafah over the past two days.

The attack received widespread reactions, with many leaders, heads of state and international organisations condemning the attack and expressing their sadness over the events. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the airstrike on the Rafah camp was a tragic mistake and emphasised that an investigation into the incident would be conducted.

Over the past two days, the Instagram platform has seen a huge response to an emoji with the phrase ‘All eyes on Rafah’ in Arabic ‘All eyes on Rafah’. The image has reached more than 41 million people so far, and shares continue to grow by the hour.

Where did the ‘All eyes on Rafah’ slogan come from?

The slogan ‘All Eyes on Rafah’ began to be used after the renewed Israeli attack on the tents of displaced people in Rafah. The phrase was coined by the representative of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) in February. He said that all eyes are on Rafah, warning of an Israeli attack on the city.

From the website: FasNews

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