New scandal: Fes ghost employee gets financial support for his association from public institutions

Fès – In a new development that reveals other aspects of corruption and laxity in the Fès community, a ghost employee in one of the territorial districts was able to obtain financial support for his association from public institutions, using his official position illegally.

The available data indicates that this employee, who is supposed to be committed to his job duties and committed to his work time and place, used his position to promote his association and obtain funds from several government agencies. This scandal highlights the major gaps in the monitoring and follow-up system within the Brotherhood.

Informed sources confirmed that these practices raise many question marks about how such financial support was granted without adequate scrutiny, and called for an urgent investigation to uncover all circumstances and those involved in this case.

In a special statement to Fez News, a source confirmed that citizens express their dissatisfaction and anger at these abuses, demanding that all those involved be held accountable and that oversight of employees be strengthened to ensure integrity and transparency in all transactions.

Sources called on the Fez governorate to take strict measures to address such violations and ensure that they are not repeated in the future, by strengthening control mechanisms and firmly enforcing laws.

From the website: Fez News

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