Fes residents continue to be attacked by stray dogs, with the latest incident involving a French citizen who was seriously injured

A French citizen was violently attacked by a group of dogs in the city of Fez, resulting in serious injuries that required him to be taken to the emergency department for treatment.

The incident is part of a series of similar incidents that have recently taken place in the city, raising concerns and prompting residents to call for urgent measures to curb the threat of stray dogs. Residents expressed the need for local authorities to intervene to collect stray dogs and provide them with the necessary care, in addition to promoting awareness campaigns on how to deal with these animals.

For their part, the health authorities in Fez confirmed that they are monitoring the condition of the injured French citizen and providing him with the necessary medical care to ensure his recovery. In the same context, local authorities affirmed their commitment to taking the necessary measures to protect the population and combat the phenomenon of the spread of stray dogs, noting the importance of co-operation between the various concerned parties to achieve this goal and ensure the safety of all.

It is noteworthy that these incidents raise a lot of controversy about how to deal with the phenomenon of stray dogs in Moroccan cities, and call for the need to develop effective and integrated strategies to deal with them to ensure the safety of citizens and the welfare of animals alike.

From the website: Fez News

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