Benkirane to the people and the ruling regime in Algeria: “We did not gain anything from the conflict, neither did we, nor did Ntouma. The only thing we gained from it was economic loss” + (videos)

Abdelilah Benkirane, Secretary General of the Justice and Development Party (PJD), sent a message to the Algerian regime and people, urging them to overcome political differences and focus on strengthening Morocco’s territorial integrity.

Benkirane emphasized the need for cooperation between the two countries in light of the current global challenges, referring to the King of Morocco’s assertion that no threat is directed at Algeria from the territory of the Kingdom of Morocco, and his rejection of any alleged support for tribal independence as “empty talk.”

In a speech published on his official Facebook page on Thursday, Abdelilah Benkirane, Secretary General of the Justice and Development Party (PJD), confirmed that he received a confidential news regarding the refusal of the governor of the Souss Massa region to organize an event calling for the independence of the tribes in Algeria, explaining that he noticed marginal movements supporting this “empty” discourse, which is interpreted as an expected reaction in light of the continued disrespect of Moroccan territorial integrity by Algeria.

Ibn Kirane noted that the late King Hassan II refused to engage in such actions, even when Algeria was threatened with civil war, because Morocco has integrity and honor.

He stressed that the Kingdom of Morocco does not accept such things, emphasizing the unity of the Algerian state, describing Algerians as brothers of Moroccans and that Algeria is a sister state of Morocco.

“Morocco contributed to the independence of Algeria with the efforts of the great and honorable, but Algeria appears opposite to Morocco and exploits any opportunity to confuse and harm, but if we choose our friends, we do not choose our brothers, and these are our brothers,” he added.

He explained that it must be recognized that there are mistakes on both sides that led to this situation, but there are limits that must not be crossed, even if they are in our right, pointing out that there must be a separation between supporting the rights of the tribal population and supporting separatist movements, considering that there is a current that imagines that it defends Morocco by action and reaction, while receiving signals from the king that he “will not do anything that harms Algeria.”

He added: “I want to say to the Algerian brothers, God guide you, because the disagreement was between the regimes but the two peoples were friendly, but an effort is being made to achieve separation among the new generations against their Moroccan brothers, and this is a shame and a disgrace and should not happen.”

He pointed out that the differences appeared in sports competitions and said, “The Algerian brothers allowed me, but this matter does not work at all and has no religious justification, and today the circumstances of the world have changed,” stressing that the issues of the southern provinces should be left to the United Nations, adding, “History will remember this badly.”

He noted the importance of cooperation between the two countries in light of global challenges, expressing his hope for Arab and Islamic unity, stressing the need to guard the future with the unity of the two countries.

Finally, he emphasized that Algeria will not suffer any harm from Morocco, and called for reconciliation and understanding to resolve issues between the two countries, considering that “cooperation is the only way to achieve common interests.”

Source : Fes News Media

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