Stray dogs pose a threat to residents of the Tagamati neighborhood in Fez

Fes: The phenomenon of the spread of stray dogs in the Tagmouati neighborhood, near Bab Ftouh prayer hall, is causing great concern among residents, especially after some of them were bitten by these dogs.

According to multiple complaints, a person is collecting wooden boxes in the area and turning them into a shelter for stray dogs, which has led to a significant increase in their numbers and turned them into a real threat to the neighborhood’s residents.

The complaints indicate that these dogs repeatedly attack passersby, causing injuries of varying severity to some people. A photo of a medical prescription for one of the victims who is still under treatment was circulated.

Some residents of the neighborhood have filed a complaint with the Jnan Al Ward district, but to no avail so far.

The residents of the Tagmouati neighborhood call on the responsible authorities to intervene urgently to address this dangerous phenomenon, take the necessary measures to eliminate the phenomenon of the spread of stray dogs in the neighborhood, and protect residents from its dangers.

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