Public Land Reclamation Continues for a Second Day in Sidi Hadi Zwaqa El Oulya Neighborhood

Fes: The public land reclamation campaign continued for a second day today, Thursday, in the Sidi Hadi Zwaqa El Oulya neighborhood, under the supervision of local authorities.

The campaign involved two bulldozers, one from the Zwaqa District Council and the other from the company delegated to manage the cleaning sector in Fez. The campaign was also attended by the President of the Zwaqa Urban Zone, the Caïd of the Anbar administrative district, accompanied by local authorities, auxiliary forces, the Director of Ozone Company, and some councilors.

The campaign succeeded in reclaiming public land from illegal construction and urban distortions, and removing accumulated waste and garbage. Some shacks that were used for housing or raising livestock were also demolished.

This campaign comes as part of the efforts of the local authorities to combat illegal construction, preserve the cleanliness of the city, improve the general appearance of the Sidi Hadi Zwaqa El Oulya neighborhood, and provide a safe and healthy environment for the residents of the neighborhood.

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