Residents of the community of Oulad El Tayeb are under siege : No light, no water, no commerce due to communal land laws

The community of Oulad El Tayeb is in a state of siege and total paralysis, with residents suffering from electricity and water cuts and disruption of commercial activities.

The reason for this is due to the communal land laws, which have victimized thousands of residents, resulting in the suspension of water and electricity connection licenses and economic licenses for commercial exploitation.

The crisis has led residents to live in conditions akin to clinical death, with all basic services suspended and turning them into citizens without rights. This crisis has caused a state of fear and anxiety among residents, requiring urgent interventions from the authorities to save the population from this catastrophic situation.

In this context, the Minister of Interior must intervene as a last resort to save thousands of citizens from the negative repercussions of the Salal Lands Law, which has restricted their daily lives and disrupted all their activities.

Residents hope to find a quick solution to lift this siege and restore their basic rights to access vital services and the ability to carry out normal commercial activities.

This crisis reflects an urgent need to reconsider the collective land laws in line with the needs of the population and the requirements of local development, to ensure a decent life and stability for citizens in the Oulad El Tayeb community.

Source : Fes News Media

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