About 15 minutes after residents were evacuated. Local sources reveal the details of the collapse of a 5-story building in the center of Casablanca + (video)

The residents of a 5-storey building in Casablanca’s Bourkoun neighborhood escaped an imminent disaster, after it collapsed on Thursday, thanks to the intervention of local authorities earlier and their evacuation of the building and its neighboring buildings.

According to identical local sources, the authorities received a report of cracks in the walls of the building located on Al-Ank Street in the Moulay Youssef urban district, and rescue and ambulance teams rushed to the scene and worked to urgently evacuate the residents.

According to the same sources, the rescue teams managed to evacuate the building and its surroundings only about 15 minutes before it collapsed, preventing any human casualties.

The source added that the collapse of the building also caused the partial collapse of a neighboring building.

Some sources suggest that the owner of a café in one of the two affected buildings may be responsible for the collapse of the building, as he allegedly removed one of the concrete supports, which led to cracks in the collapsed building.

The judicial police authorities opened an investigation under the supervision of the competent public prosecution, to determine the circumstances and causes of the collapse of the building, and to determine the responsibilities for this incident.

Source : Fes News Media

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