“Escobar of the Desert” / Casablanca court denies provisional release to Baïaoui, Naciri and others

On Thursday, the Criminal Chamber of the Casablanca Court of Appeal rejected the request for provisional release of Abdelnabi Biaoui, head of the Eastern Province, and Said Nasseri, head of the Casablanca Municipality, whose trial with other defendants in the case known as the “Escobar of the Desert” began on Thursday.

Earlier, Abdelnabi Biaoui and Said Nasseri were arrested and detained as key defendants in the case.

Biaoui and Nasseri, in addition to the other defendants, are facing charges related to forgery, fraud, bribery, and participation in the formation of an organization to possess, promote, transport and export drugs, in addition to other charges such as abuse of influence, making false statements and declarations by threat, and other charges, each according to what is attributed to him.

Source : Fez News Media

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