Baytas debunks opposition figures on Ramid beneficiaries, and here’s what he said on Amou Tadamoun+ (video)

Mustapha Baitas, Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament and Government Spokesperson, denied the data presented by the opposition regarding the number of beneficiaries of the former RAMED system and the number of widows benefiting from the subsidy.

During the government’s weekly press conference, Baytas emphasized that the RAMED system has never had 18 million beneficiaries, and that this figure represents the cumulative number from 2005 until 2021.

The minister explained that the number of actual beneficiaries of the RAMED system was between 10 million and 11 million, and that what the government did was to automatically transfer 10.5 million beneficiaries from the RAMED system to the “Amu Tadamun” system.

Regarding the number of widows, Paytas denied the opposition’s claim that the number of widows has decreased, stressing that the number of widows benefiting from support has increased from 76,000 in the past to 300,000 families headed by a widow.

He emphasized that the data provided by the government on the RAMED system and the number of widows benefiting from the subsidy is correct, and called for verification through reliable sources.

He pointed out that the government pays the contributions of 10.5 million beneficiaries in the Social Security Fund at an estimated amount of 9.5 billion dirhams annually.

The number of Moroccan families covered by the various social protection systems is 11.5 million, and 3.8 million of these families benefit from the “Amu Tadamoun” system.

Source : Fes News Media

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