Moroccan Civil Democratic Council for Migration to Hold Seminar on EU Migration Reforms

Fez, Morocco – May 23, 2024 – The Moroccan Civil Democratic Council for Migration is organizing a seminar to discuss the European Union’s reforms on migration and asylum, as part of its programmed activities following the EU’s final approval of these reforms after years of negotiations and clashes between different parties.

The seminar comes just weeks ahead of the European elections, which are expected to see a rise in far-right parties.

Comprehensive Discussion of Migration Issues

The seminar aims to discuss the various aspects of the migration and asylum reforms adopted by the European Union, with a focus on their impact on Moroccans abroad and the public policies related to them. The seminar will also discuss the issue of citizenship, particularly in the field of political participation at the level of legislative elections and their representation in the Moroccan parliament in its two chambers.

Participation of a Prominent Expert

The council will host at this seminar Professor researcher Abdelkrim Belgandouz, one of the leading experts, scholars, and researchers in migration issues, particularly those related to Moroccans abroad and the public policies associated with them. Belgandouz is one of the most prominent specialists from the South who have dedicated a large part of their lives and scientific research to studying and analyzing the phenomenon of migration in the context of the relationship between the North and the South. He is also one of the few who have followed the process of the European Migration Pact, which was recently ratified by the European Parliament.

Seminar Management

The meeting will be moderated by Professor Ahmed Mahou, an associative framework, human rights activist, and writer-researcher on migration and integration issues, as well as everything related to culture and values among young people from immigrant families.

Wide Participation Expected

The seminar is expected to witness wide participation from various actors in the field of migration, including researchers, human rights activists, and associations concerned with migrant issues, in addition to Moroccans abroad who are interested in following the latest developments in the field of migration and asylum in the European Union.

Promising Future for the Moroccan Civil Democratic Council for Migration

This seminar is an important initiative by the Moroccan Civil Democratic Council for Migration, aimed at contributing to the public debate on migration and asylum issues and strengthening the rights of Moroccans abroad in the European Union. This initiative also demonstrates the council’s commitment to continue working to promote the rights of Moroccans abroad and defend their interests in all fields.

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