Sami Youssef concert tickets reach 5000 dirhams on the black market after selling out

Sami Youssef’s concert, scheduled as part of the 2024 Fez Festival of Spiritual Music, is selling out quickly. In the aftermath, tickets for the concert appeared on the black market at prices of up to 5,000 dirhams, with many of those who bought the tickets reselling them at double profits, reflecting the high demand for this special event.

Sami Youssef is expected to deliver a distinctive performance that blends musical heritage and spirituality, making the May 25th concert at Bab Al Makina one of the festival’s highlights. Youssef’s popularity among spiritual music lovers in Morocco and around the world is one of the reasons for his popularity.

The Fez Spiritual Music Festival features a rich and diverse program from May 24 to June 1, including performances by international artists and bands from different countries, promoting cultural exchange and openness between peoples.

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