Eastern Province’s health offer gets a boost with the launch of the Medar proximity hospital in El Dreyouche Province

Press release
Thursday, May 23, 2024
In implementation of the High Royal Instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God Assist Him, to launch a radical and profound reform of the national health system to ensure the optimal implementation of social protection and universal health coverage, the health offer was strengthened on Thursday, May 23, 2024, in the East Region with the launch of the services of the Medar proximity hospital in the Dreouche region, after its rehabilitation and equipment to provide services to the population of the region and neighboring areas.

The Regional Director of Health and Social Protection in the East Region, in the presence of the Ministry’s Regional Delegate in El Dreyouche, launched the services of this health institution under the instructions of the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Prof. Khaled Ait Taleb.

The inauguration of the services of this health facility comes within the framework of the continued development of public health infrastructure, especially with regard to the construction, rehabilitation and adaptation of proximity health institutions, and the entry into service of the Medar proximity hospital in the Dreouche region comes within the framework of the policy of reducing local disparities in the health sector in the East Region.

This health institution aims to strengthen the health offer in the Eastern Region and the Dreouche region in general and the community of Maidar, which is experiencing increasing demographic growth in particular. This new hospital aims to bring health services closer to the inhabitants of these areas and neighboring areas, as it will contribute to facilitating the access of citizens to health and hospital services based on proximity and quality, and ensure services that meet the expectations and aspirations of the inhabitants of these areas.

This new hospital includes a number of vital facilities, most notably a medical and surgical ward, a mobile services department, a mother and child department, as well as a laboratory, a pharmacy, a mortuary and other health and administrative facilities.

As part of the new generation of health institutions, the Medar proximity hospital in the Dreouche region will offer various health services and a basket of treatments, including general and specialized medical consultations, especially maternal and child health, surgical services, nursing treatments, tracking of chronic diseases, and awareness, sensitization and education services for health.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Health and Social Protection has mobilized qualified human resources of about 90 medical, nursing and administrative staff who will ensure the provision of medical and therapeutic services to the population targeted by the services of this health facility, which has a capacity of 45 beds, and the Ministry has modernized and equipped this health institution with the latest high-quality medical equipment and equipment.

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