Technical reports confirm the involvement of Fez parliamentarians in the network of the “Talayani” gang specializing in extortion and electronic defamation

Fez – Recent technical reports have revealed the involvement of a number of parliamentarians in Fez in the network of the ‘Talayani’ gang specialised in extortion and electronic defamation. The data was confirmed by the head of the Digital Content Observatory, sparking a wave of condemnation and controversy in political and media circles.

The reports indicated that the implicated parliamentarians used their positions and influence to collaborate with the ‘Talayani’ gang to carry out extortion and defamation operations against a number of personalities and citizens, which constitutes a serious violation of morals and laws.

The head of the Digital Content Observatory confirmed that investigations are ongoing to uncover all those involved in this criminal network, stressing the importance of holding accountable all those proven to be involved in these digital crimes to ensure the rule of law and protect the rights of citizens.

The scandal highlights the great challenges that societies face in confronting cybercrime, and the importance of strengthening legislation and regulatory mechanisms to combat this type of crime and ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

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